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October 19, 2019

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Cindy's World

Moving on in the world both physically, and cybernetically.

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Hi - thanks for stopping by! In November of 2003, I went to Mozambique as a VSO volunteer. I taught English in a technical/industrial school, which is basically a secondary school where students also study a technical stream (electricity, mechanics, or accounting). While in Mozambique I wrote updates about my life there which I posted on this site. This was a good way to let everyone back home know that I was well and alive, and to try and share some of my experiences. When I returned, I continued to update my reajustment to Canada. Now that I am moving on and heading to Australia (a completely different kind of adventure!), I've decided to stop updating at this website and start a new one. I wish to leave this website functional for future volunteers and anyone interested. If you can't get enough of me... follow me to Cindy Two.

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